Web developer
  • Implemented complete redesign of React Web App.
  • Development of CRUD pages for new data in React Web App.
  • Implemented Joyride in React Web App for guided first tour into the app.
System Administrator
  • Windows server administration and helped with the maintenance and deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 instances.
Web developer
  • Development of new features for Resser's own ERP using JavaScript for the Frontend and C# .NET with MVC for the backend.
Fullstack developer
Alpha Wave Systems
  • Development of Android application for Guadalajara's Zoo.
  • Development of Android application for Bansi Bank, implementation of CoDi, new Banxico's payment system.
  • Development of Web app with Vanilla JavaScript and Chart.js for observing data of water leaks.
Android developer
  • Implemented redesign, UX improvement and phone layout for Android eCommerce application.
  • Bugs fixings for Bitcoin Wallet Android application.